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Software Development

Bespoke and Competitive web applications for your business.

We have highly skilled development team to quickly understand the way your business works and develop web-based and client software to automate your business.

Does your current software need updating or do you need new ideas for working processes?

Get in touch with us today.

Avoid Contractors / Subcontractors, Just contact us

Bespoke Desktop and web software development in Nottingham

We're experts in custom applications development. Using latest technologies to meet your needs effectively and get you up and running with a bespoke application in the competitive market.

A2Z softwares have expertise of development latest technologies including ASP.NET, C#, SQL, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & JQuery, BootStrap, Telerik Use Controls, C++ . We specialise in online web application development and updating of your existing application.

As we write code for our software applications we can design and develop in various ways so that you get the software you are looking for. Suport and help our customers is the top periority of our business and is a key part of our success.

Updating and Bug fixing of you already made application

Our expertise lies in the in house web application to desktop application and client's bespoke application in the given tools. We are also happy to take your running application for updating and bug fixing.

We also use latest online communicating tools internally to make sure your order is on the right track, so we have an excellent understandings of how applications development platform can be used to revolutionise and transform the format and processes of a company.

Avoid Contractors and Subcontractors

Your business may need additional resources to carry out specific or specialist tasks. You may want to use the services of a contractor or subcontractor for this, although it is important to weigh up the advantages against the disadvantages.

  • Contractors/subcontractors may cost your business more than the work you need from them.
  • By relying on contractors/subcontractors, your business does not acquire support after they finished their task.
  • If you use a contractor that then uses a subcontractor, you have no direct control over the quality of subcontractors' work.

We can play a freelance IT role in your business. You don’t need to take hassle of getting contractors/ subcontractors and paying lots to recruitment agencies as well as to contractors/ subcontractors programmer. Just get your work and pay small amount to us including future support, bug fixing and updating or editing.

Our in-house developers are keen to learn updated versions of the tools when it comes to problem solving and building creative software solutions.

Software Development in the Areas
  • Web Design & Development
  • Web application Development
  • Systems Specification and Documentation
  • Development Prototyping
  • Applications Development
  • Application Bug fixing and Testing
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Software Training

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